Brussels, 9-10th May 2022 (1)

¿Quieres unirte a nosotros en Bruselas?

EU for Trisomy 21 invita a nuestras organizaciones asociadas y a todos aquellos que quieran convertirse en nuestros socios a participar en nuestra conferencia #GreatInitiatives in Europe en Bruselas, Bélgica, los días 9 y 10 de mayo de 2022.

Through the success of our #GreatInitiatives Campaign for World Down Syndrome Day 2022, we decided to hold an In-Person event in Brussels at the European Parliament for our EU for Trisomy 21 Network. During this event we will feature the Winner of our Campaign as well as many other initiatives and organisations who are working hard to improve the lives of people with Trisomy 21 every day. This event will take place inside the European Parliament and will feature Best Practice Presentations, Workshops and and a chance for our partners to have meetings with Members of the European Parliament from their country. Check out our detailed program below.

If you want to follow our event from the comfort of your home, follow us on Instagram @EUforTrisomy21 in our stories and livestreams of our major event points!


lunes, 09.mayo 2022

16:00 Llegada

18:00 Encuentro con los Padres Referentes

18:30-20:30 Award Ceremony (follow our Livestream)

martes, 10 de mayo de 2022

08:15 Reunión frente al Parlamento Europeo para el Registro

09:00 Welcome

09:30 Ice-Breaker

10:00 #GreatInitiatives - Introductions

10:30 Romper

11:00 Talleres de trabajo:

  • Empleo y Oportunidades Laborales
  • Paternidad y vida familiar
  • Visibilidad y No Discriminación
  • Taller Creativo No Verbal

12:30 Lunch & Conclusion Ceremony (follow our Livestream)

15:30 Cita de café con su parlamentario

18:00 Salida