Baltazar Theatre


Founded in 1998, the Baltazár Theatre is the only theatre company in Hungary whose members are actors with intellectual disabilities.The most important objective of theatre is to create performances at a high level, thereby proving that prejudices about mentally impaired people can be rewritten: it shows the strength of this social group and how it makes the world more colorful and richer.


#on stage, we are all the same

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This poll has been closed. You can find out who won our #GreatInitiatives Campaign if you join us on #WDSD22 at 6pm CET in our Livestream on Facebook.



A platform for the collaboration of associations, citizens and politicians working together for the celebration of World Down syndrome Day, to make visible the intellectual disability in general and persons with trisomy 21 in particular (most common intellectual disability of genetic origin, also called Down syndrome).

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