In 2019 we started the Singfinger YouTube Channel with a very big goal: make the world of signing fun and engaging for everyone! Using signs from the Kestner collection together with visual Metacom symbols and spoken language, which can be experienced and learned by children in their own individual way, we sign, sing and play to get the children's attention and to reinforce the fun of learning through repetition. Children, as well as adults, love it. Signing together in the family, nursery or school is the best way to embed this form of communication into our communities. Including signing in our communication is a support for every child's development, as signing refines motor and spoken language skills and engages children wherever they are on their developmental journey. And, did we mention, it’s also fun.


#inclusionmeans being a part of a colourful, creative, beautiful, free, individual, strong, challenging and lovable society.

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A platform for the collaboration of associations, citizens and politicians working together for the celebration of World Down syndrome Day, to make visible the intellectual disability in general and persons with trisomy 21 in particular (most common intellectual disability of genetic origin, also called Down syndrome).

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