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  • 21 March 21

Press release : Focus on the sponsorship project from Members of the European Parliament

The World Down Syndrome Day will take place in three weeks: Sunday 21st March 2021. To celebrate
this emblematic date for persons with Down’s syndrome, EUfortrisomy21 proposes three projects:

1 project to reflect : an online-conference will be organized within the days leading to the
21st on March;
 1 festive project to celebrate together (it will be communicated by the middle of March)
1 unprecedented project to challenge politic leaders and to make them act.

Press Release : Focus on the 21st of March 2021. Let’s celebrate World Down syndrome Day in Europe!

The next edition of World Down Syndrome Day (21st of March as decided by United Nation) calls for a special momentum since it takes place in 2021 and Down Syndrome is medically known as trisomy 21! In this perspective, a community of parents of children with Down syndrome, from all over Europe, came together under…


A platform for the collaboration of associations, citizens and politicians working together for the celebration of World Down syndrome Day, to make visible the intellectual disability in general and persons with trisomy 21 in particular (most common intellectual disability of genetic origin, also called Down syndrome).