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About the Project

The European Union for Trisomy 21

called EU for Trisomy 21 for short

has partners all over Europe.


These partners are local organisations

and organisations started by parents.

These organisations want to work together

to make the lives of people with Down Syndrome easier.

EU for Trisomy 21 organises events

online and in person.

These events help raise the attention and

people to stand up for their rights in Europe.


EU for Trisomy 21 has a project called ‘The Future is Ours’.

‘The Future is Ours’ is a project consisting of three on-line

and one in-person event between now and July 2023.


Members of the European Parliament

adopted a new EU Electoral Law  in May 2022.

This new law says that:

every citizen in the European Union

who is 16 years and older

can vote for the elections

of the European Parliament.

This new law includes

people with intellectual disabilities.


This new law is good news.

Many countries in the European Union did not allow

people with intellectual disabilities to vote.

Now everyone can vote and take part in the elections.

The European Union still has a lot of work to do.

The European Union needs to have information in easy-to-read.

The European Union needs to make voting accessible.

So that everyone with an intellectual disability

can vote in the 2024 elections.


Many people with Down Syndrome

will vote for the first time.

EU for Trisomy 21 wants to make sure that

people with Down Syndrome are prepared

for the elections in 2024.

The European Union and the elections

need to be accessible to people with Down Syndrome.


EU for Trisomy 21 has 4 goals:

- Autonomy, to be independent and make decisions

- Visibility, be seen and heard

- Health, good doctors and support

- Equal Treatment, respect


We will hear from a lot of different people:

- Experts

- Parents

- People who make decisions

- Self-Advocates,

- People with Down Syndrome


Participants will have the chance to meet,

talk and find better ideas

to make the world a better place for

people with Down Syndrome.


About our first event

EU for Trisomy 21 will have the first

“The Future is Ours “-event

called: Time for more Autonomy.


Every European country has different laws.

Because of this,

not all people with disabilities

can achieve the same things.


So what does an autonomous life mean

for people with Down Syndrome?

It is hard to find a balance between

living by yourself

and needing assistance.


The person with Down Syndrome

needs to decide for themselves:

What do I want?


The support system helps

with the question:

How can I do this?


This applies to everything,

from living situations and work,

to education.

And the question of how can I vote

and make a difference for people like me?


Our event in December will make sure that

people with Down Syndrome

are prepared for the next elections.

And that the European Union is prepared for us!

We hope many people with Down Syndrome

will come to the event.


We would like to hear about your life and experiences.

Our event will take place on

7 December at 18:00 hour.

The event is on Zoom.

You can sign up här.

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Why Easy To Read is important

Easy-to-read information is important

for people with intellectual disabilities.


It is important so they can

- Learn new things.

- Take part in society.

- Know their rights and stand up for them.

- Make their own choices.

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En plattform för samarbete mellan föreningar, medborgare och politiker som arbetar tillsammans för att fira World Down Syndomsdag, för att synliggöra den intellektuella funktionshinder i allmänhet och personer med trisomi 21 i synnerhet (vanligaste intellektuella funktionshinder av genetiskt ursprung, även kallat Downs syndrom ).