Press Release : Focus on the 21st of March 2021. Let’s celebrate World Down syndrome Day in Europe!

19 February 2021

The next edition of World Down Syndrome Day (21st of March as decided by United Nation) calls for a special momentum since it takes place in 2021 and Down Syndrome is medically known as trisomy 21!

In this perspective, a community of parents of children with Down syndrome, from all over Europe, came together under the EUfortrisomy21 label. Thanks to a group of parents that launched the preparations, 16 countries are already represented in the EUfortrisomy21 label giving an European dimension to World Down Syndrome Day celebrations.

What binds them together: their determination to make 2021 a year dedicated to people with Down syndrome; a year to honour them, to give them their rightful place in the European society.

For the 21st of March, three projects will be proposed to celebrate this date at European level. The specifics of this projects will be communicated during the month of February: a project to rejoice, a project to reflect, and a project to act.


EUfortrisomy21 is a community of parents of children with Down syndrome, united to advance the rights of people with Down syndrome in 4 priority areas: visibility, non-discrimination, health, autonomy.

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