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What is it about ?

This year on World Down Syndrome Day, the international theme is "What does Inclusion mean?". (#inclusionmeans) In the light of that EU for Trisomy 21 has decided to focus our celebration around that theme through multiple ways. 

First, on WDSD March 21st cities all over our network will join our flashmob, dancing to the tune of "Back on my Feet" by Kimberose. 

Second, with our Great Initiative campaign we called upon you to help highlight great practices from all over Europe that over the past year have helped better the lives of people with Trisomy 21. This culminated in an online party on March 21nd at 6pm CET, where we announced the winner of our #GreatInitiatives Contest! Check out more details below!

#GreatInitiatives Campaign

For World Down Syndrome Day 2022, EU for Trisomy 21 wants to shine a light on initiatives from all over Europe that have shown great success in including people with Trisomy 21 in general society.

The initiatives we chose promote one of the priorities for EU for Trisomy 21: visibility, autonomy, health, non-discrimination of people with Trisomy 21. They all have a collective dimension and are ready to inspire other organisations all over Europe. Some of them are small businesses that place an emphasis on diversity employment, others are volunteer groups that support families, NGOs that have worked with decision makers on a local level to better the lives of people with Trisomy 21. 

We received over 60 submissions from countries all over Europe and chose 29 of them, giving them a chance to share their experience and successes with our network.  On March 21 2022 during our online celebration of the World Down Syndrome day, we will have a live-stream on Facebook where the top 3 voted for Initiatives will get the chance to answer questions from you and to again present themselves on our livestream - and we will announce the winner of our contest!

First Price: An all expenses paid trip to Brussels to join our in-Person workshop on May 9th at the European Parliament and present their initiative to the European Parliament.

Join the Flashmob

Last year EU for Trisomy 21 launched a challenge: a dance to unite people from all over Europe to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day.

Do you and your organisation want to join our flashmob?

For now we have confirmed Flashmobs in the following places - all the times displayed are local times to avoid any confusion.

Send us an email to find out more - If you want to organise your own, follow these simple instructions to organise your own :

  • Learn the dance through our simple Step-By-Step Instructions
  • Reach out to your friends and fellow World Down Syndrome Day celebrators and arrange to meet on the 21st of March at around 4pm! Pick a place to meet like a park or square in front of a landmark in your city
  • Bring your phone & loudspeakers for the music “Back on my feet” by Kimberose
  • Ask someone to film the spectacle & post it on WDSD 2022 tagging @eufortrisomy21


A platform for the collaboration of associations, citizens and politicians working together for the celebration of World Down syndrome Day, to make visible the intellectual disability in general and persons with trisomy 21 in particular (most common intellectual disability of genetic origin, also called Down syndrome).

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