Time for more Equal Treatment



Time for more Equal Treatment

Let's talk about equality in the workplace

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We talked about how important Equal Treatment is for people with Down Syndrome, especially in the Workplace. We brought together a Panel on the topic of Equal Treatment in the workplace across Europe for people with intellectual disabilities, especially Down Syndrome.

First, a representative of the Intergroup for Disability inside the EU Parliamentarian gave a short speech.

As our second speaker, Yasmin Ismail, a self-advocate from Romania, talked about her work as a Junior psychologist with kids with autism.

Then, Maria James from Malta spoke about her work experience as well as standing up for equal treatment as a professional athlete.

Last but not least, Karoly Kisari from our Hungarian Partner Rejtett Kincsek Down Egyesület talked about their vocational program on supporting people with mental disabilities in entering the workplace and helping those who have already found a job with a mentor network. This project was based on the professional protocol of CECAP Toledo and Salva Vita Foundation.

The event was translated into the following languages: English, Polish, Italian, French, Romanian, Easy German, Greek, and Hungarian. Here here is the Press Release.


Our Speakers

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