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15. november 2021

During the month of November, Eu for Trisomy 21, has led a campaign to promote the participation of people with Down syndrome in the conference for the future of Europe that was a great success and a beautiful campaign in favour of the visibility of people with Down Syndrome.

Mis on Euroopa tulevikukonverents?

The EU has asked its citizens to help them by telling them what they would wish to be future policies for the European Union. We get involved in this platform, so people with down syndrome can also have a say in the European Union future.

EU for Trisomy 21 campaign was a great success, becoming the third most popular campaign in the whole online platform:

We succeeded to speak about the importance of the European Union working on employment, autonomy, health care and non-discrimination of people with down syndrome. We call upon the European commission to hear to our claims and stand in favour of the rights of people with Down Syndrome.

Why are we participating in the Conference for the future of Europe:

In the EU, there is not enough representation for people with intellectual disabilities.

For example, there were no people with intellectual disabilities involved in writing the EU’s new “Strategy for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 2021-2030”. They are hardly mentioned in the strategy at all. Having no representation has had a terrible effect on people with intellectual and neurological disabilities, especially for the Down Syndrome community.

We need more people who know about the concerns and needs of these communities through personal experience to help the EU write these policies. We want more representation! That is why we created the campaign #WeWantMore.

We, EU for Trisomy 21, have started a debate about the issue of representation. True European democracy only works if it really represents all of its citizens.

We believe the EU is failing people with Trisomy 21 by not taking their special needs into account when it comes to Visibility, Health, Autonomy, and Non-Discrimination. We require more people who have first-hand experience with the concerns and needs of people with Down Syndrome to be personally involved in creating these policies. We want more representation! #WeWantMore

You can see all the information about our #Wewantmore campaign in our social media and in this web page:

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