Press release : One dancing challenge to join in the celebration!

09 March 2021

Press release


March 3rd 2021


Let’s celebrate together the 21st of March

1 Dancing challenge to join in the celebration!

The next International Day of Trisomy 21 will take place on Sunday 21st March 2021. In order to celebrate this emblematic date for persons with Down’s syndrome (also called Trisomy 21), EUforTrisomy21 proposes three projects. Focus on the dancing challenge to put in the light persons with Down’s syndrome : a choreography to dance in order to rejoice, to celebrate together with persons with Down’s syndrome.

1. The choreography

It has been imagined by a choreographer who used to work in a dedicated center for persons with Down’s syndrome. The music is an extract from the last single of the french artist Kimberose : « Back on my feet ».

2. The challenge « Dance for the 21st of March – International Day of Trisomy 21 »

It has been launched on social media on the 3rd of March 2021.

It is addressed to citizens of European countries; everyone is invited to participate in the challenge:

  • To express the joy and to honour our close ones with Down’s syndrome;
  • To get to know persons with Down’s syndrome in our community;
  • To express a collective gratitude for the special position of people with Down’s syndrome in our society, which has to be emphasized : an essential part of our society.

Concretely :

  • Everyone learns the choreography, registers himself/herself, posts it on social media and spreads the posts of EUforTrisomy21.
  • Using the following hashtags : #EUfortrisomy21 #challenge  #downsyndrome

3. Dress code (if possible)

Up : white / Down : blue / Mismatched socks or shoes

4. EUfortrisomy21

EUfortrisomy21 is a community of parents of persons with Down’s syndrome in all Europe : 19 countries are involved representing 55 associations who are partners of the EUforTrisomy21 project for the 2021 edition of the International Day of Trisomy 21.


Contact :

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